“Fame Park” is a name synonymous with quality Wedding Photography, Videography and Advertisement. Over 20 years we have been supplying Wedding Photographers with the equipment and know-how necessary to make a professional looking finish to any Wedding. Fame Park Wedding Cinematographer are well equipped to manage any type of Wedding from a small intimate Wedding in the outback to an extravagant Hollywood styled Wedding. From videography and still photography to prop hire and band hire our Wedding Cinematographers are trained in all aspects of Wedding Photography. In fact we do have a special area just for Wedding Cinematographers in our facility.

Wedding Photography covers all aspects of planning and organizing a Wedding ceremony. There are many areas of expertise within Wedding Photography such as; Wedding Invitations and Wedding Favors, Wedding Car Rentals and Photography, Wedding Reception and Storage, Wedding Invitation Making, Wedding Programs, Wedding Supplies, Wedding Favors and Groomsmen Gifts. Many people start their Wedding preparation work well in advance of the Wedding day. Some may even have bought the wedding invitations and other wedding necessities well in advance of the Wedding. Such people may not be able to afford to buy all the items on their own or may need to enlist the help of others to get all the items they require.

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Wedding Videography encompasses many aspects of Video Photography. Wedding videography is becoming a very popular way to capture and preserve Wedding memories. Wedding videos can sometimes be quite complex. They can also take a long time to complete. Wedding videographers are often highly qualified professionals who work closely with the Wedding Party. Videographers will often create a lot of Wedding films for the Wedding Party, to view and enjoy.

Wedding videographers shoot the Wedding film using many different methods. There are many professional cameras available on the market these days that can provide you with great quality images. Today, most people own a personal computer and can either film their Wedding photographs themselves or they can hire a Wedding videographer to film the Wedding for them. Many people still prefer to film their Wedding photographs themselves. The cost of Wedding photographs on film is considerably less than it would cost to develop those photographs into a video.

Wedding photographs are an important part of the Wedding Ceremony. They are certainly the best source of memory for people who are memories of this special occasion. In many ways, they form the essence of Wedding memories and therefore a beautiful visual treat for many people. It is therefore important that the Wedding photographs are not only taken by the Wedding Party but also by everyone else at the wedding, including the Wedding Cinematographer in Fame Park. They need to be shot in a manner that they do not hinder the overall experience of the Wedding.

You may wonder as to why this is so important. Well, consider the fact that many people have friends and relatives that were unable to attend the Wedding. These people captured all of the atmosphere of the Wedding for you in pictures. You will never forget seeing the faces of the people who did attend your Wedding. Thus, by having the photographs of them plastered all over your house, you will ensure that they are always present when you have the urge to watch a Wedding film.