Though earlier dominated by heavy industries, businesses related to finances, supply chains, healthcare, accounting, public relations, and entertainment are burgeoning in the city of Wollongong. All these need to be marketed in different ways. Further, as a popular tourist destination, Wollongong needs to market its pristine beaches and other places to locals as well as potential tourists. There are plenty of projects planned in the region to improve connectivity, infrastructure and foster growth. For example, Port Kembla has received multi-million-dollar funding to enhance amenities and create thousands of jobs, thereby adding to the local economy of Wollongong.

Since the virtual world is where most of the economy is headed, more importance is given to marketing through online channels. Rich and productive content is the heart and soul of any website. But unless it is marketed to the right customers, it will not serve its purpose. Here are 7 stages through which Wollongong businesses should deliver their SEO content to the right audience.

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1.   Find the right keyword

Keyword research is the first step that should combine imagination and analysis. For this, the site owner should be able to put themselves in the potential customer’s shoes and imagine what need the customer is hoping to satisfy by visiting the site. The keyword should be that need/problem of the customer for which he is trying to find a solution. To get that keyword, research can be done using keyword analysis tools and using creativity. Marketers should also interact with target customers by joining their social media networks and discussion forums to find effective keywords.

2.   Craft and deliver good content

To ensure healthy user experience of a website, the site content should be lucid, something that an ordinary user can relate to, and helpful in satisfying their need. Research might have yielded a group of keywords and each would have to be fleshed out differently because all target customers cannot be like-minded. For example, if you are marketing a health product, you may have to project it in different ways by saying how it can be useful to children’s health, women’s health, geriatric health, and everybody’s health in general. Some products might even have to be marketed across differing ideological spectrums, and differing content would have to be produced accordingly.

3.   Widen the network

Once you realize which group of your target customers are more attracted to the product, you will have to work more assiduously towards increasing the network of those customers. For example, if more women than men seem to be inclined towards using a skin cream, it needs to be promoted through women’s forums, clothing networks, family groups, and gift ideas for women.

4.   Check the inbound links

Getting backlinks and recommendations from users is the first sign that your product or service is being appreciated. If it happens, you need to do a full analysis of the type of customers who have linked to your site and the content to which the link has been made. The content should then be delivered to more such customers with similar tastes.

5.   Update the content frequently

Market fluctuations and product modifications are frequent in the world of business. Further, no customer would like to come back to read the same content again. All these necessitate that web content should be updated frequently.

6.   Promote the content through multiple channels

Websites can be promoted through social media networks, email marketing, online directories, blogging, by posting on forums, on ‘question and answer’ sites, and through outreach marketing. These should be utilized in varying combinations based upon the results they produce.


Businesses can utilize various other tools like using Google Local Businesses, Facebook Business Manager, Google Analytics, and different types of keyword research tools. Encouraging social bookmarking and inviting others to guest blog on the website are also some of the ways in which Wollongong businesses can increase the visibility of their websites.