Shelter services of Tacna are available to individuals, families, couples, groups and associations. This City in Marin County is well known for its progressive politics, fun filled activities, beautiful weather, and diverse cultural heritage. The scenic San Pablo Bay and the Pacific Ocean provide a great location for an oceanfront community. With so much to offer it is no wonder that Shelter services of Tacna have grown tremendously. They serve all parts of the city and provide a wide variety of supportive services to individuals, families and small business owners

TACNA Services, Inc.

If you are looking for Shelter services of Tacna that will give you quality, comprehensive, accessible, affordable and effective services, then look no further than Tacna. They provide a broad range of comprehensive services to individuals of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. From the moment that they walk through the doors of their facility they are greeted with warm personalized service, personalized programs and tailored educational programs. All services aim to give the person their greatest possible chance for a successful recovery. Rehabilitation is the number one priority and all programs strive to make this a reality.

Their professional staff is available to provide a multitude of individual and family programs. These programs not only provide a way to escape the everyday grind, but also offers a way for individuals to bond together while going through the rehabilitation process. Family counseling is also offered to provide support and increase family harmony.

The center has an onsite doctor on staff. This doctor provides the necessary treatment for both acute and chronic conditions. They also have a chiropractic, physical therapy, pharmacy, podiatrist and physician on staff. The licensed social workers, behavioral health specialist and occupational therapist on staff can also provide individual and family therapy. This makes the Shelter services of Tacna accessible to a wider variety of individuals.

Housing is available twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. There are also over two hundred low and no income apartments available. Many of these apartments are also available through the Catholic Family Program. Housing is also provided by the local YMCA.

Shelter services of Tacna also has a food pantry on site. They provide meals on a scheduled basis to those in need. There are also a self-reliance program and a referral service for individuals who are facing a difficult time. The goal is to provide each client with individual and comprehensive services that make finding a new home as easy as possible.